judith beheading holofernes, by caravaggio, 1599
judith slaying holofernes, by artemisia gentilechi, 1614-20
judith slaying holofernes, by artemisia gentilechi, 1620-21
judith decapitating holofernes, by trophime bigot, 1640
the thing from another world, by howard hawks and christian nyby, 1951
the thing, by john carpenter, 1982
the thing, by matthijs van heijningen jr., 2011
invasion of the body snatchers, by don siegel, 1956
invasion of the body snatchers, by philip kaufman, 1978
body snatchers, by abel ferrara, 1993
the invasion, by oliver hirschbiegel, 2007


movie title stills

captures: pascal bircher


some paintings

the temptation of christ on the mountain, by duccio di buoninsegna, 1308-11
saint george and the dragon, by paolo uccello, 1470
saint john the baptist retiring to the desert, by giovanni di paolo, 1454
saint nicholas of tolentino saving a shipwreck, by giovanni di paolo, 1457
the entombment, by giovanni di paolo, 1426
christ on the way to calvary, by giovanni di paolo, 1426
the wilton diptych, right-hand panel, by unknown master, 1395
saint jerome in his study, by antonello da messina, 1475
the lottery in piazza di montecitorio, by giovanni paolo panini, 1743-44
mevlevi dervishes whirling in pera, by jean-baptiste van mour, 1720-37
lake in scotland after a storm, by gustave doré, 1875-78