lowbrow, comics, mangas and ero guro nansensu

borderlands (cavern), by adrian cox, 2014
painter in the wind, by adrian cox, 2015 
swamp gardener at sunset, by adrian cox, 2016
borderlands(summer home), by adrian cox, 2016
the great orator, by adrian cox, 2012
borderlands (observatory), by adrian cox, 2015
tim molloy, 2012
bumper crops, by jesse jacobs, 2017
behind you, by brian coldrick, 2017
california brown bear, by mark ryden, 2007
the man who laughs, by gottfried helnwein, 2014
fran, by jim woodring, 2013
the frank book, jim woodring, 2003
hanamura showdown, by josan gonzalez & laurie greasley, 2017
the raid, by josan gonzalez & laurie greasley, 2017
    the raid 2: incident on line 13, by josan gonzalez & laurie greasley, 2018
 judge dredd: mega-city two, by ulises farinas, 2014
animal man, by jeff lemire
a pirate's treasure dream, by todd schorr, 2000
liquid universe, by todd schorr, 2016
an ape allegory, by todd schorr, 2008
the amphibian frontier, by todd schorr, 2000
the regionalist, by todd schorr, 2012
hot rod race, by robert williams, 1976
death by exasperation, by robert williams, 2010
wallace allan wood
ultimate destiny, by jay disbrow, 1954 
53 stations of yokai-do, by shigeru mizuki, 2008
encyclopedia of japanese yōkai, by Shigeru Mizuki, 1981  
allure of pharmakon, by takato yamamoto, 2007
 shintaro kago
 suehiro maruokiriko, by shingo honda, 2016
creature!, by shingo honda
franken fran, by katsuhisa kigitsu, 2016
starving anonymous, by yuu kuraishi and kazu inabe
homunculus, by hideo yamamoto, 2003-2011
fuan no tane, by masaaki nakayama 
ptsd radio, by masaaki nakayama
sayuri, by oshikiri rensuke
domu: a child's dream, by katsuhiro otomo
geof darrow
ghosts and ruins, by ben catmull, 2013
gore shriek, edited by stephen bissette, 1986
pim & francie: the golden bear days, by al columbia, 2009
hal foster
wallace allan wood